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The MC-909 Sampling Groovebox is an entirely new type of professional music workstation. With expandable synthesis including new ROM waveforms and professional sampling, the worlds of audio and MIDI are fused together in an ultra-intuitive environment. Factor in a pro-level sequencer and effects-plus a USB port for exchanging samples and sequences with a PC-and the MC-909 has everything producers need to complete their musical vision.

  • Professional 64-voice workstation with new-generation XV synthesis, sampling, 16-track sequencer, effects and oversized graphic LCD
  • 16MB sample memory expandable up to 272MB using optional DIMMS, and SmartMedia™ storage for sample data
  • Hundreds of new high-quality patterns, sounds and rhythm sets; expandable via SRX-Series wave expansion board
  • Studio-quality effects including 24-bit reverb, 2 multi-effects processors, compression/EQ and mastering effects
  • Built-in USB port for sample/Standard MIDI File transfer and User data backup
  • S/PDIF digital I/O, six analog outputs and stereo analog inputs
  • Dual D Beams, Turntable Emulation and velocity-sensitive pads--plus front-panel knobs, buttons and sliders to modify sounds and patterns
  • New V-LINK function for integrating audio and video in performance

  • Specification:
    Sound Generator
    Max. Polyphony64
    Sampling Frequency44.1kHz
    Parts16 (Main) + 16 (RPS)
    Patches(Preset/917, User/256, Card/256)
    Rhythm Set(Preset/89, User/128, Card/128)
    Data Format16-bit linear (File Type: WAV/AIFF)
    Max. Polyphony64
    Max. Sampling TimeInternal memory (16MB) only = mono: 180 sec.
    approx. (stereo 90 sec. approx.), with DIMM (256MB) = mono: 51 min. approx. (stereo 25.5 min. approx.)
    SamplesUser/2,000, Card/7,000 (128MB SmartMedia)
    Parts16 + Tempo/Mute Control
    Resolution480 ticks per quarter note
    Tempo5 to 300 bpm
    PatternsPreset 333, RPS 440, User 200, Card 999
    Rec. ModeRealtime, TR-REC, Step
    Arpeggio StylePreset/User 128
    Chord MemoryPreset 64, User 128
    RPS Set50
    Pattern set50
    MFXMFX1: 38 Types, MFX2: 47 Types
    Reverb4 Types
    Compressor 1 Type
    Mastering Effect1 Type (3-band Compressor)
    Expansion Slot
    Wave Expansion Board SRX Series1 slot
    DIMM1 slot (Number of pins = 168-pin, Speed = 100MHz (PC100 CL = 2), 133MHz(PC133 CL = 3), Voltage = 3.3 V, Capacity = 128MB/256MB, Board height 38 mm or less)
    External MemorySmartMedia Card 1 slot = 8MB/16MB/32MB/64MB/128MB (3.3 V)
    DisplayQVGA LCD, BPM
    Display: 7 segment 4 character (LED)
    ConnectorsMIX Output (L/Mono, R), Direct 1, 2 Output (L/Mono, R), Input (L/Mono, R), Headphones, MIDI (In, Out), USB Connector, Digital Audio Interface IN/OUT (Optical, Coaxial), AC Inlet
    Power Consumption20W (AC 117/230/240 V)
    AccessoriesSample Data Audio CD, Card Protecter
    OptionWave Expansion Board: SRX Series

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