Rockschool, Guitar, 2006-2012 - Grade 1 /GTAB -CD

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Rockschool is about playing the styles of music you enjoy. The specially written tunes develop the key skills, styles and techniques you need so you can play the hits of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Rockschool packs include full notation and TAB plus click-track & non click-track backing tracks on a CD featuring top musicians. Students are encouraged to be creative with the Rockschool tunes - so feel free to improvise and adapt them to suit your playing style and musical approach! Rockschool's grade exams are made up of the following elements: * Performance pieces * Technical exercises * Sight reading or Improvisation And Interpretation * Quick Study Piece * Ear Tests * General Musicianship Rockschool grades are accredited by Trinity College London. When you take one of the Rockschool exams you will have a qualification and measure of your achievement that is recognised around the world. It shows that you can play your music when it really counts. This pack contains the tunes from Grade 1 in Level 1 and is ideal for musicians who are building up confidence in the fundamentals of playing.

Rockschool, Guitar, 2006-2012 - Grade 1 /GTAB -CD
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