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Hot Rock Drums - Grade 2 includes eight hit songs to play in your Rockschool exam, GCSE music or just rocking out. Hot Rock Drums- Grade 2 works in addition to your Rockschool Drums Grade 2 book to provide you with further song choices for your exam. You can select up to two pieces from Hot Rock to play in your Rockschool Drums Grade Exam or three to play in your Rockschool Drums Performance Certificate. Featuring: Plug In Baby [Muse] V.I.C.E. [Razorlight] Iron Man [Black Sabbath] Enter Sandman [Metallica] You Really Got Me [The Kinks] Should I Stay Or Should I Go? [The Clash] You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC] The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret [Queens Of The Stone Age] Plus: 8 of the best rock tracks – 8 world renowned artists Standard Drum Notation GCSE friendly: schools can use for GCSE music Fact Files: band and artists background information with recommended listening Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track Click and non-click backing tracks Downloadable audio: use your download card for easy access to your audio Learn by playing the music you love Find out more about Rockschool Drums exams at ISBN: 9781910975220

Rockschool, Drums, Hot Rock - Grade 2 -Online Audio Access
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