Pearl River, Upright Piano, UP108D2 /Mahagony (with Bench)

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The Pearl River Piano Group is China's largest piano manufacturer established in 1956 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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Features common to the Pearl River Upright Piano include: 

  • BACK Frame: Heavy hard maple backframe in European tradition 
  • PLATE: Sand cast and fully machined with high gloss finish - full perimeter 
  • PINBLOCK: 17 ply hard maple - designed rigidity and superior holding power 
  • TUNING PINS: Chromium plated, thread cut 
  • ACTION: Full size direct blow 
  • ACTION MATERIAL: Select domestic maple coupled with superior space age parts 
  • KEYS: Exclusive Pearl River tri-laminated solid spruce 
  • KEYBED: Traditional frame construction of the finest pine 
  • HAMMERS: 100% virgin wool 18 lb. outer felt and 12 lb. inner felt, T-wired, waterproof 
  • STRINGS: Roslau treble wire (Germany), bass wire hand-wound in European tradition 
  • SOUNDBOARD: 100% Northern mountain grown spruce - vertical grain with surface laminates of spruce to prevent cracking 
  • RIBS: Radius-cut solid spruce ribs, each notched into the back liner of the soundboard 
  • BRIDGES: Cross-laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge 

Pearl River, Upright Piano, UP108D2 /Mahagony (with Bench)
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