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Majestic, Xylophone, 4 Octave, Deluxe X6540P

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Concert and marching percussion instruments preferred by musicans throughout the world.

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The X6540P xylophone is reminiscent of the American classic xylophones and provides synthetic bars that have a rich and full sound that’s ideal for orchestral and solo work.  All registers are meticulously quint tuned to ensure an outstanding tone for every stage. Players who wish to explore a wider range of modern repertoire, or enhance their mallet skills and technique can do so on this extended 4 octave xylophone. Includes cover and mallets.

Specifications :

  • Octave : 4
  • Range : C4 - C8
  • Bar : Synthetic
  • Precision quint tuning
  • Full slant resonators with gold finish
  • Bar Size :  38 mm
  • Pitch :  A = 442 Hz
  • Length:  170 cm
  • Width (low end) :  70 cm (high end) :  65 cm
  • Height :  90 ~ 115 cm
  • Weight:  182 Lbs


Majestic, Xylophone, 4 Octave, Deluxe X6540P
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