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Latin Percussion, also known as LP, is a brand of percussion instruments, specializing in ethnic instruments engineered and manufactured to withstand the rigors of use in a drum kit, orchestral percussion section, and similar applications.

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EMI from 517.
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LP Talking Drums have the unique ability to modulate (change) pitch. This can be accomplished by holding the drum under the arm (or between the legs) and squeezing and releasing the cords on the side as the head is struck.

  • Tension cord is made of special material to resist stretching while providing a comfortable feel
  • Stringing the cords at the skin wire increases tuning sensitivity
  • Crafted of kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak
  • Exclusive, dual purpose skin wire and rim design for effortless playing eliminates "head squeak"
  • Specially selected rawhide heads are hand sewn for authentic sound and feel and are easily replaced
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