Laney, Guitar Amp, Stereo 3W with Bluetooth , MINI-STB-LION

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Formed in 1967 by Lyndon Laney, Laney Amplification is a UK based manufacturer of guitar and musical instrument amplifiers. Whether you groove to the blues or headbang to heavy metal, Laney has something to offer for everyone. Vocal amps, guitar amps, PA systems, monitors & more....all under one roof, Laney - JUST PLAY IT!

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Styled after the iconic Laney LIONHEART, the New Laney MINI-STB-LION is a BLUETOOTH enabled, battery powered amp, perfect for desktop, backstage or practice. a super compact solution for guitar tone and performance anywhere. The MINI-STB-LION model features a clean & drive channel, gain, tone and volume dial, guitar input, Aux in, On-board tape style digital delay with level control, headphone socket and the unique Laney LSI – Laney Smartphone Insert. The LSI allows you to connect your amp to your favourite guitar tone generating app to access all your favourite guitar tones. Launched in conjunction with the “Tonebridge app” from Ultimate Guitar it’s super easy to make your MINI-LANEY sound like any of the thousands of guitar tones on the “Tonbridge” database. Practice or perfor any style, anywhere with a MINI-LANEY channels: 2 power (watts): 2 x 3 watts Stereo controls: Gain - Level - Tone - Delay - Volume switches: Drive - Power connectors: BLUETOOTH, Guitar Input (1/4" jack) - Aux In - LSI - Headphone socket special features: BLUETOOTH EQUIPPED, LSI - LANEY SMART INSERT - Aux in - battery powered Width (inch" or mm): 205 Depth (inch" or mm): 100 Height (inch" or mm): 142 Weight (lbs or kg): 1.8Kg included accessories: LSI cable supplied Colour: Lionheart made in: China

Laney, Guitar Amp, Stereo 3W with Bluetooth , MINI-STB-LION
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