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Korg, Electronic Drum, WaveDrum WD-X

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Korg Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners.

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EMI from 2013.
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WAVEDRUM responds perfectly to the performer’s action, from subtly nuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, repetitive strikes. The broad variety of sonic offerings ranges from traditional acoustic percussion instruments to new and unique percussion sounds. With WAVEDRUM, instruments that normally require special techniques to play, such as tabla, conga, etc., can be played with ease. In addition, WAVEDRUM establishes its own way of playing, granting the performer unparalleled levels of expression, full of originality and depth. Compact and lightweight in design, WAVEDRUM is ideal in all performance situations – from casual playing through to a full-on recording session or a live concert performance.
  • 2nd Generation Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer provides unparalleled expressiveness
  • Innovative technology combines DSP synthesis and PCM playback
  • Two playing surfaces – traditional drumhead and advanced rim areas – offer unprecedented expression and a familiar feel with hands, sticks or mallets
  • Transducer pickup and pressure sensor system responds to every performance nuance and gesture and every playing style
  • 100 preset programs offer traditional drum and percussion sounds, plus new and unique sounds
  • 100 user programs for storing customized sounds and settings
  • Live Mode stores up to 12 favorite programs for instant recall
  • 100 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along
  • Headphone output for silent practice
  • AUX input allows the monitoring or mixing in of any audio source; CD, MP3, even a second WAVEDRUM!
  • Versatile, compact, light-weight design; use as an individual instrument, or mixed in with a traditional kit, or any performance/liercussion rig
Synthesis: DSP + PCM Combination

DSP Algorithms: 36 Total

PCM Instruments: 200 Total; 100 Head, 100 Rim

Programs: 200 Total; 100 Preset, 100 User

Loop Phrases: 100 Total; Various genres and tempos

Effects: Reverb, Delay

Panel Controls:Volume, Bank/Mode/Page select, Program/Parameter select, Value control, Write

Input/Output jacks:
Output: L, R 1/4" unbalanced
Phones: Stereo mini phone jack
AUX IN: Stereo mini phone jack

Display: 3-character 7-segment LED

Sampling frequency: 48 kHz

A/D, D/A conversion: 24 bit

Power supply: DC9V 1.7A

Dimensions: (W)×344(D)×75(H) mm / 13.74"(W) x 13.54"(D) x2.95"(H)
Weight: 2Kg / 4.41 lbs.

Included items: AC Adapter, Tuning key, Allen wrench

Options: Percussion Stand ST-WD

Korg, Electronic Drum, WaveDrum WD-X
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