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Korg, Digital Piano, G1 -Black

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Korg Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners.

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Multiple high-quality instruments and demos in one space

Many concert pianists prefer the German concert grand piano, with its treble brilliance and low-end rumble. The rich heritage of the Austrian piano can't be denied, and the Japanese concert grand, with its characteristically dynamic sound, is a versatile choice for players specializing in everything from classical to jazz to popular favorites. Wouldn't it be great if you could have all three? Korg has designed the G1 Air to deliver the sound of these three concert grand pianos to your fingertips with authentic realism. But that's not all; you also get 20 other high-quality built-in instruments, 40 piano songs to learn, and 10 demo songs showcasing the G1 Air's many sounds (a total of 32). Plus, you'll have access to partner mode, split and layer modes, and three outstanding, adjustable studio effects: Reverb, Brilliance, and Chorus.

Piano player's keyboard and pedals

Korg designed the G1 Air not only to generate realistic sounds, but also to offer piano players an authentic acoustic piano experience in a digital instrument. The real weighted hammer action 3 (RH3) keyboard features a heavier feel in the lower-register keys and a lighter feel as you play farther up the keyboard. Quickly repeated notes are registered and reproduced with efficient velocity, and even on the most complicated passages, your playing dynamics will be faithfully conveyed. You even get key touch control with five sensitivity levels, allowing further control over how your playing is translated into music. A full complement of three concert-style pedals also offers half-pedaling for even finer artistic expression.

Made with care and pride in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan

The RH3 keyboard installed in your G1 Air is made in the village of Miyama, in Kyoto, a region of Japan known for its impressive natural beauty. The majesty of the local forests and the traditions represented by the historic thatched-roof homes preserved there are reflected in the character of Miyama's people — and that makes Miyama a perfect place for building instruments with a high degree of care and accountability. Using the cell production method, in which a small group of highly skilled workers is responsible for taking each instrument from start to finish and signing off on each stage of production, Korg builds high-quality keyboards and entire digital pianos, one at a time, with a human touch.

Custom-designed speaker system and output connections

A responsive keyboard and a beautiful cabinet aren't much good if you can't hear the music. Korg has created a stellar sound system for the G1 Air, with four powerful speakers providing a total of up to 80 watts of power. Full-range sounds are transmitted directly to the player through the two larger, lower speakers, and higher frequencies from the two speakers above the keyboard are indirectly reflected off the key cover in its upright position. The result is incredibly realistic acoustic piano sound throughout the entire dynamic spectrum, at an adjustable volume level capable of filling a large room. You also get a line out for PA use, MIDI in/out, USB, and stereo headphone out for quiet rehearsal and enjoyment of the G1 Air.

Korg G1 Digital Piano Features:

  • Capable, versatile digital instrument in an elegantly designed cabinet

  • Faithfully reproduced German, Austrian, and Japanese concert grand piano sounds

  • 32 total sounds plus 3 adjustable studio effects for superb musical flexibility

  • High-quality, real-feel RH3 keyboard provides a true acoustic piano playing experience

  • Powerful 4-speaker sound system transmits your playing realistically into the air

  • Piano available in white, brown, and black to suit your decor

  • Bluetooth audio playback for convenient practice, performance, or listening enjoyment

  • Handbuilt in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan — premium Japanese quality in every instrument

  • Line out, MIDI in/out, USB, and 2 stereo headphone outputs provided

Korg, Digital Piano, G1 -Black
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