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Korg, Digital Metronome, Strokerhythm SR-1G

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Korg Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners.

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Ideal For Golfers As Well As Musicians

The SR-1G in-ear golf metronome is a unique metronome that fits on the users ear for hands-free functionality. The SR-1G will play a uniformed beat in your ear so you can adjust your swing to the rhythm that's playing. This gives you the ability to improve your swing and timing, plus the wide range of rhythms and tempos allow you to find the swing rhythm that is right for you. Additionally you can also use the SR-1G for musical applications such as for band practices and more.

Wide Range Of Beats and Rhythms

The metronome itself features a varied range of rhythms and beats, ranging In tempo from 30-252 bpm. You can also set the beat in the range of 0-9 beats and choose the rhythm settings, ideal for varying time signatures. You can also omit beats from the rhythms for added versatility, perfect for practicing different rhythms for your swing.

Jog Switch Control

One of the most convenient features of the Korg SR-1G In-EarMetromone is the ‘Jog Switch’ feature on the side of the units body. This ‘Jog Switch’ control allows you to change the settings of the SR-1G without having to remove it from your ear. This allows you to make changes to your beats, rhythms and tempo on the fly. The side of the body features mode select, power button, sync/mute button and a LCD displays which shows you all the relevant information you need such as tempo and rhythm.

Operating Time & Accessories

The compact yet robust design of the Korg SR-1G means its ideal to take with you anywhere you go, plus it provides up to 100 hours of continuous operating using a coin-type lithium battery. Another useful feature is the memory backup function which remembers the tempo and other settings even when the power is off. This allows you to retain your previous settings once you turn the unit back on. Additionally the SR-1G comes complete with a well-cushioned ear pad for added comfort plus a carrying case that neatly stores the SynMetronome, the battery and the ear pad.


  • Practice your swing while listening to the rhythm directly in your ear
  • A wide variety of beats and rhythms
  • Use the jog switch to set the tempo intuitively
  • Comfortably and securely fits a variety of ear shapes
  • Extended operating time and memory backup
  • Ear pad and carrying case included
  • Also ideal for jogging and walking

Korg, Digital Metronome, Strokerhythm SR-1G
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