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Hohner, Melodica, 32 Notes -Blue C943215

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For over 150 year's HOHNER has manufactured top quality musical instruments which are sold in over 85 countries.​ Besides manufacturing guitars, ukuleles, melodicas and various accessories for musical instruments, HOHNER has been the worldwide market leader in the area of harmonicas and accordions and regularly sets new standards for quality and innovation in these fields​.

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The Hohner HM 32-Key Melodica is a unique and incredibly portable keyboard that works on air from your lungs. You get sounds like a harmonica on single notes or like an accordion when you play chords. This is the most popular Hohner Melodica model. 32 large keys cover both alto and soprano tonal ranges.

Play it standing up like a horn or run the included tube from your mouth to a Melodica placed on your tabletop and use both hands to play.

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Country of Origin : China

Hohner, Melodica, 32 Notes -Blue C943215
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