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D'Addario, Electric Guitar Strings, XT Nickel .009-.042 - Set XTE0942

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D'Addario Nickel XT Electric Strings (9 - 42) - Natural Feel - Unnatural Lifespan

NEVER FADE AWAY - Stand the test of time with strings that endure. D’Addario XT strings use groundbreaking life span technology on every string in the set to bring you enhanced pitch stability and long-lasting performance — all while preserving the tone and feel of your favorite untreated strings. These strings are made to stay, for performance that never fades away.

EXTENDED LIFE FOR EVERY STRING - A thin, hydrophobic coating protects every string in the set from the corrosive effects of sweat and humidity.

TONE + FEEL THAT LASTS - XT strings feature an extended life span treatment that preserves the natural tone and feel of newly made strings.

BREAK RESISTANCE + TUNING STABILITY - Made with the same high carbon steel found in NYXL and Nickel Bronze, XT strings deliver enhanced break resistance and tuning stability.

UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY - From wire drawing to micro coating, we control every aspect of the string making process to ensure every set performs to your standards.

STRUM LONGER - Strength tests prove that plain steel XT strings are up to 40% stronger than standard strings.

STAY IN-TUNE LONGER - Spend less time tuning and more time playing. Torture tests have proven that XT strings stay in tune up to 131% better than standard strings.

BEND LONGER - At two whole steps higher, XT strings are still less than 75% of their breaking point. In the same setting, standard strings are at 90% of their full capacity.

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Country of Origin : Usa

D'Addario, Electric Guitar Strings, XT Nickel .009-.042 - Set XTE0942
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