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Chopin F, Preludes Op 28 & 45 /Urtext /Piano

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John Rink, Jim Samson, Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger. Editorial Consultant: Christophe Grabowski. Key Features of the Edition: An introductory essay in English, German and French examining the historical background, compositional features and performance practice issues The identification of, and adherence to, a single principal source A detailed and comprehensive critical commentary Chopin's authentic fingerings only Emphasis placed on retaining expressive features of the original notation Appendices containing earlier versions of the Preludes in G major and Ab major Notes on the editorial principles and methodology guiding the whole project. The Editorial Committee: The editorial team assembled for this landmark edition could hardly be more distinguished. Three of the world's most respected Chopin specialists have been appointed as Series Editors: John Rink, Jim Samson and Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger. Their unrivalled collective knowledge imbues this project with unique authority, drawing upon the latest international scholarship. Further expertise is provided by Christophe Grabowski, the Editorial Consultant. This committee supervises the work of seven additional volume editors and takes ultimate responsibility for the stylistic integrity and consistency of the edition.

Chopin F, Preludes Op 28 & 45 /Urtext /Piano
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