Cakewalk, Project 5 Version 2

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Cakewalk develops computer software for recording and making music.

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At a price point that never seems to increase much, Cakewalk has once again released a product that bridges so many features and functions into a package that you can install and be productive with in minutes. Gone are the days of studying the manual and pulling your hair out, Project 5 Version 2 is intuitive and efficient just what the doctor ordered. In addition, Version 2 is better than ever with some new features that include audio recording, an updated and more streamlined interface, ReWire hosting, audio playback from disk without size limitations. They've also thrown in real time Groove triggering (for playing live), editing and exporting capabilities for the Groove clip functionality, the PSYN II instrument, and… drum roll please… the multi-mode sampling synthesizer Dimension. Cakewalk has effectively taken an already great product and bumped it to the next level.

Cakewalk, Project 5 Version 2
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