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Boston, Upright Piano, UP126E /Ebonized High Polish

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The Steinway designed Boston Piano — long unrivaled in its class and unmatched in value — has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the new Performance Edition.

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When you first touch the keys of a Steinway & sons Boston UP126 piano, be prepared to experience an entirely new sensation. Unexpected power suddenly fills the room. You immediately notice the rich fullness of the sound. The keys respond almost intuitively to your fingers. But, because it was designed to take advantage of the efficiencies of high technology manufacturing, the Boston is also remarkably affordable. It's understandable that no piano in modern history has ever made itself heard so immediately, or so dramatically.

As accomplished pianists have described the feeling, the keys of a Boston piano seem to respond intuitively to the touch. This heightened level of control distinguishes the finest musical instruments. And it's the direct result of the unique 'action' designed by Steinway & Sons, an elegantly complex mechanism that assures nothing is lost in the translation from fingertips, to keys, to hammers, to strings. Boston action parts are 100% wood, not plastic, and provide an extraordinary level of sensitivity. You have the freedom of expression to play as softly, as loudly, or as quickly as you wish.

The Boston is the only piano at this price point, that can get close to the true sound of a hand made Steinway & Sons Piano.

Designed By Steinway & Sons
Height: 126cm
Traditional cabinet design
Front and rear castors
Celeste pedal for muted practice \tab\tab\tab

Boston, Upright Piano, UP126E /Ebonized High Polish
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