Why You Should Get Yourself a Capo


Imagine you are playing some beautiful open chords on your acoustic guitar, although the key in which you are playing, is sounding too low for your vocalist to pitch his/her notes. In this case, it would be ideal to just introduce your capo and play those same chords a few frets higher yet maintain that open string resonance that you desire. In some cases, female voices tend to have a higher pitch range. This means you’d need to transpose your chords higher to accompany her voice. Although, this will mean that you lose the power of your big open chords. This is where your capo steps in and helps you do exactly that without having to transpose into barre chords. Taking up your capo a few frets will make your song sound a lot more bigger and this also helps the vocalist to alter his/her pitch accordingly. This could very well apply to some male vocalists as well.

A capo will let you play as high as you want on the fretboard and still maintain your open tuning sound. It is amazing to hear how a capo translates your musical ideas onto your guitar. As you take your capo onto higher frets, you will hear the guitar starting to sound like a Ukelele, Mandolin or even a Banjo! The discovery of those sweet sounding open strings at a higher pitch on your guitar will allow you to unlock a whole new realm of ideas that you've never heard before.

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