What you need to know about the AH4x4

The AH4x4 is definitely a breakthrough product that Laney introduced in their recent catalog of Audio Hub PA systems. This speaker is really versatile and can be used in various setups, events and situations. It is ideal for having conferences, bedroom jams, parties, indoor events and you could even carry it on the road and busk with it on battery support.

Input & Output Channels: Let’s start with the channel inputs. Channel inputs 1 and 2 will support your microphones as well as guitars/bass etc. They are adaptable to both XLR as well as TRS jacks (standard ¼” jacks) so you have the option of both types of combinations. Channel 3 and 4 have been designed as stereo TRS inputs and are ideal for your keyboard workstation or even any other digital instrument you would like to introduce such as an electric drum kit etc. Channel 5 and 6 lets you play your music from your phone/tablets with no hassles at all. The aux input (Ch. 5) is supported with a Bluetooth input (Ch. 6) since you may prefer to have remote access to your device. They can both work independent of each other so there is more flexibility you get.

When it comes to the output of the AH4x4 there is an option for it to be linked into another unit with stereo Line in inputs. Hence you can enhance the power of your performance if you have 2 units.

Effects & EQ: Another interesting feature is the EQ mode that lets you quickly opt from 4 different EQ modes (Flat, Bass, Loud, Vocal) thus allowing you to reset the default dynamic range based on your instruments and the room you are in. You will also find an Anti-Feedback knob that will help you eliminate any unwanted frequency that comes from being too close to the speaker. There is also a Reverb control knob that will work fantastically on any vocals.

Battery/Power: The AH4x4 comes with a power adapter but it can even run on either 3 X Lithium batteries or 8 X AA batteries. The Lithium batteries can actually last up to 24hrs!

Travel Bag: Last but not least is the travel bag accessory that is made for this speaker. This gig bag holds the speaker in perfectly giving it great support and makes for great portability!

You can buy the Laney Portable PA System, AH4X4 HERE!


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