Want to Play Faster? Follow These Double Bass Techniques

One of the biggest questions asked by budding drummers is how to develop speed on the double bass pedal? As the most basic response to it would be “Practice” but with this term, the most important things to keep in mind is focus and dedication. If you are working on a particular aspect of drumming, then you should focus and aim only at developing one skill at a time. You have to always keep in mind that it is a slow process and takes time to develop and incorporate a certain skill in performance. Most of the drummers that we look up to have been playing and practicing for over 15-20 years and hence have developed various skills.

There are multiple techniques in various books to achieve speed on the double bass pedal but that does not mean that the moment you learn the technique you will be flying on the bass drum. You will have to incorporate the technique and slowly work towards developing the speed. These techniques will help you to achieve speed without straining much on your muscles.


The 3 most commonly known techniques to go blasting on the bass drum are as follows:

  • Swivel Foot Technique
  • Heel-Toe Technique
  • Double Stroke

There are multiple videos that you can find online explaining and demonstrating each technique. Many times the type of pedal also plays an important role in selecting which technique to apply. You can select either a long board pedal like the Pearl Demon Drive or a regular board pedal like the Mapex Falcon or Pearl Eliminator. You will also have options in different types of drive shafts. For example:

Once you have selected the pedal that you are comfortable with, you can start working on your techniques. You can also change the spring tension, beater height and a lot more small setting options to achieve comfort and power the way you want it.

Happy Practicing!

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