Vox AV Analogue Valve Series


The new Vox AV Analogue Valve Series is the latest release from VOX which was right there at the beginning of British Rock 'n' Roll, and joins the popular AC and VT series. But how do you choose the best one for yourself? With the introduction of the new Vox AV-series, guitarists have even more models to choose from. Is the Vox AV series amp the right one for you?

Yes, despite their affordable price tags, the Vox AV-series amps are true valve amps, in the sense that they have valves in both preamp and power amp stages, providing pure analogue tone, and hailed by Vox as their most innovative amps, ever! They sure look the part, with their vintage looks, and guess what – they sound great too! "Valve purists" may perhaps not like the fact that these amps only have two 12AX7 valves (just one dual triode, in the AV15 case) so we're not talking "valve amps" in the same league as the classic AC series, here. An AC30 has three 12AX7 in the preamp section alone!

But the Vox genius still manages to shine, because they've pulled off the trick of making an affordable valve amp that sounds really great! Unlike the Valvetronix series, the AV-series has valve preamp AND power amp, and is not meant to be a "modeling" amp. In other words – you will get an amp that is cheaper than the AC range, but more authentic and "Vox-like" than the VT range. This means the new Vox AV-series sits very nicely in that area of affordable amps suitable for gigging, which even pros on a budget might like. 

The AV-series amplifiers only have three digital (but analogue-voiced) effects: chorus, delay and reverb. And instead of modeling different amps, these amps have eight different preamp circuits. In other words, an AV-series amp sounds like an AV-series amp, it is not trying to be anything else – but is very versatile, all the same!

The AV-series amps are superb value, great for gigging musicians and recording artists who just cannot stretch their budget, and also a great introduction to valve amps. The AV-series amps could become new classics. Available in three different wattage variants: AV-15, AV-30 & AV-60.

Come, See and Experience Live, the VOX AV at our stores in JVPD-Mumbai or Lajpat Nagar-New Delhi. 

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