Ukulele Power

Greg Bennett Ukuleles are now in stock at all Furtados stores near you. It is affordable and looks solid, but how does it play?

These Ukuleles easily rise above the clutter that is the Chinese made toys which is bombarded in the market at this point. The Ukulele gained popularity and is a trend or fashion at this point. It is also now an extremely popular gifting item. Let's not forget that it is a fantastic musical instrument and Greg Bennett's UK 50 and UK 70, both are great products for serious Ukulele players in India. To give you an idea:-


The concert sized ukulele with Nato top back sides as well as neck. Ebonized fingerboard and geared tuners. Extremely simple and effect for the beginner ukulele enthusiast. This is going to be the favorite among everyone.


This is also a concert style Ukulele with an awesome spruce top, rosewood back and sides. To add to the premium features, it comes with a mohagany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Armed with Grover tuners. This is for the intermediate/professional ukulele players.

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