Types of Cymbals to Go with Your Drum Kit

This should help you to get an understanding of what kind of cymbals do you need as a beginner to help you practice and learn correctly.

The first and the most basic cymbal you require on your drum kit is the “Hi-hat Cymbal”. A hi-hat cymbal is a combination of two cymbals and is always sold as a pair. These are generally 14” in size. Hi-hats can be played using a drumstick or can also be played with the hi-hat pedal attached under the hi-hat stand. Hi-hats have multiple soundscape. It can be used as a very tight sounding cymbal or can be used as an open cymbal by loosening the tension of the foot pedal.

The second important cymbal would be the “Ride Cymbal”. This is a big and a heavy cymbal. A ride cymbal is around 20” or maybe more in size depending on what size you prefer. There are a few ride cymbals that are 18” in size. The surface of the cymbal and the bell are the majorly played section of the ride cymbal. Even though all the cymbals have bell on top of them, the bell on the ride cymbal is very loud and well accentuated.

The third cymbal you will need is the “Crash Cymbal”. The common size of a crash is 16”. It is a thin cymbal that is louder than the other and has a very responsive and explosive kind of sound. Generally, a crash is used to accentuate the “1” on starting of each bar or shifting from one section to another.

Once you have all these, you are all set to play drums.

Happy practicing!

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