Tips For Line Out Connection for your Korg Keyboard

It’s very essential to choose a good quality cable (1/4” to 1/4”) for most electronic keyboards. Apart from the cable it’s also important to enable a proper connection of the same in the sound mixer of the PA system.

One of the most common complaints every musician has is that their keyboard doesn’t sound well either on headphones or on the on-board speaker (in case of an arranger keyboard). The challenge per say is not with the keyboard or a keyboard with on-board speakers but it arises due to improper connection from keyboard to mixer.

korg arrangerkeyboard

All the arranger keyboards have styles playing in stereo via its speakers. Even on the music workstations, sounds are always in mono but the effects used with the sounds, arpeggio or drum patterns are in stereo. To play in stereo one needs to use both Left & Right outs from the keyboard. Almost all the professional keyboard models have separate Left and Right Audio Out (Line Out). Additionally, with the current trend, even the smallest sound mixer has Line in which has both Left & Right inputs.

Hence one should use 2 separate cables to connect the left and right outs from the keyboard to the left and right line in on the mixer. Using a single cable from your keyboard to the mixer will not give you stereo in a sound mixer setup.

Be sure to use good quality cable like Vox cables while connecting your keyboard to the mixer so that you can get good quality sound output similar to what you would hear through headphones or on a big PA system.

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