Tips For Choosing The Right Keyboard Amplifier

As a keyboardist, you will realize that arranger keyboards come with built-in speakers while music workstations come without onboard speaker. So for the times when you need your keyboard to sound louder or wish to perform with others, the keyboard amp is what you are looking for.

Here are some factors to look out for when you are looking for a keyboard amp:

Output Power

 If you are looking for an amp for sessions at home or performing at smaller venues, you would not need much output power. Amps such as the Laney AH40 Audiohub – 40w, the Roland KC 150 and the Kustom Sound Cube 40W would be ideal for practising and performing at more intimate venues. All of these amps also have an XLR input so you can plug in your mic to sing along or jam with other musicians. The Kustom Sound amp also provides a stereo line in that lets you playback from the devices like your cellphone.       

If you are looking for something that packs a punch, the Laney AH80 Audiohub – 80w, Kustom Sound Cube-80 or Roland KC-350 would be great options to look at. The  VOX VX50KB  is a keyboard amplifier that is ideal for on-stage use as a monitor amp.  These are usually the preferred amps used for performances set in smaller venues. And if you wish to produce a louder volume, I would recommend the Laney AH150 Audiohub – 150w or Laney AH300 Audiohub – 300w, Kustom Sound AMX-100 or Roland KC-550. These amps offer great power and multichannel input, so you can plug in more instruments along with your keyboard.





Sound Quality

Sound quality is a very important aspect to consider. If you are performing in front of a crowd you truly need an amp that will accurately replicate your sound and expression. We would recommend trying out a few different amps to see which one you would prefer. Laney amplifiers provide a great sound, but if your budget is a limited, then the Vox amps offer a really nice sound at a fantastic value!

Channels and effects



When searching for your perfect keyboard amplifier, it is important to consider if you would need to plug in any other instruments, especially if you plan to perform with others. Typically, most keyboard amps have an XLR and a 1/4 inch jack input so that you can sing and play at the same time. However, you may need more channels if you are playing with other musicians. Amplifiers such as Laney AH150 150W Combo Amp and Laney AH300 300W Amp or Roland KC-550 & Kustom Sound AMX-100 are brilliant for versatility and power as they have multichannel inputs.


Of course, the budget you have at your disposal will always play a key role when shopping for a keyboard amp. The most important advice would be to make sure the amp you go for provides you with everything you need at the best price!

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