The Most Affordable Masters Kit

Pearl’s Masters Series is one of the best drum kits available in the market. Pearl has still kept the true essence of Masters in the new MCT series drumkit. The sound that made Masters a legend shines forward. With a lot of improved features, they have managed to reduce the price of the overall drumkit. This drumkit is a great studio drumkit and is the best touring drumkit. Made completely of maple wood, it's not super heavy, one of the most important features for the touring drummer.

Masters Maple Complete features triple-flanged SuperHoop II Hoops on the tom and snares.

Made with pure American Maple, the reduced thickness of the shell helps reducing the weight of the kit. This 28% thinner shell produces the tonal purity and increased resonance of Pearl’s legendary Masters MMX, while projecting with the vibrant power of the thicker MRX series.

Key Features:

  • EvenPly Six (6-ply 5.4mm) 100% Maple Shells

  • Matte Lacquer and Lacquer Sparkle Finishes

  • CL Bridge Lugs

  • SuperHoop II Hoops

  • OptiMount Suspension System

  • Matching 14 x 5.5 Snare Drums (14 x 6.5 on special order)

  • Remo UT Pinstripe Tom, Ported UT Powerstroke3 Remo Heads
  • Bass Drum Muffler (Mini)
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