The Key Tuned Djembe


The Key Tuned Djembe, also commonly known as “Mechanically Tuned” or “Bolt Tuned” is a modern form of Djembe. Originally Djembes were designed to be a rope tuned drum. The rope is generally weaved around the drum. The weave is known as the “Mali Weave”.

Tuning a Djembe using the rope method can be slightly tricky and time consuming even though experts say that it's not. The key tuned Djembes are fast and easy to tune. The drum has a metal hoop on top to hold down the drum head and the lugs on the side to hold in the screw. The number of screws can vary from 4 to 8, depending on the size or the type of the Djembe. All you need to do is grab the tuning wrench and tighten or loosen the tuning screws. This should take hardly about a minute or two.

The only negative aspect that the mechanically tuned Djembe faces is that the add-on metal hoop around the drum and the tuning lugs increase the weight of the drum and can be a bit of an inconvenience. Also, it does not have the aesthetics of a traditional Djembe and a lot of musicians like the traditional rope look of the Djembe.

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