The Economical Bass from Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett proudly presents the “Corsair” bass that is basically an affordable version of a Fender P bass but with a sleeker design and two JJ pickups .The CORSAIR is designed to incorporate those great ideas into one bass that is rooted in the new millennium. The original basses were considerably larger than the solid body guitars, probably because acoustic basses were so much larger. The CR -1 makes a great first bass to buy for a beginner.

The neck and playability is also great and the sound is pretty good for a bass guitar, below the price of Rs. 25, 000/-. It has a pretty strong built. This is a definite bass for amateur gigging bassists. Amateur/Intermediate there is nothing that this bass falls short off or dosen’t posses. Feel free to check it out at a Furtados store near you and I am sure you will not be disappointment.

The headstock is much smaller and angled back. This offers three benefits. First, the neck becomes much lighter. Second, the angle produces more string bearing pressure at the nut, improving the string performance. Thirdly, the small area does not rob energy from the string, diminishing the performance.

Important Features-

  • Double cutaway sculpted body
  • Maple bolt-on neck
  • Die cast tuners
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Vintage stop tailpiece
  • JJ pickups
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