Taking Care of Your Cymbals


Cymbals are expensive, so a drummer has to make sure that they are always taken care of. Few of the steps that you can follow to make sure your cymbals look good and lasts longer.

Cymbal Angle

As cymbals are the most abused part of a drum kit, make sure that your cymbal is at a correct angle. Placing them flat is a good start and then tilt them 10 degrees towards you so that they do not get a straight hit. This will also keep your sticks from wearing off quickly.

Wing Nut Tension

Make sure you have proper felts underneath and above the cymbal. Another crucial part on the cymbal holder is the plastic sleeve that covers the metal center rod of the cymbal holder. This will ensure that the the center of the cymbal doesn't rub against the rod as that can generate small cracks.

Once you have got all of the above, make sure you do not tighten the cymbal stand nut too tight as that will hold the cymbal really tight and will not allow it to move and release the vibration. On the other had, do not keep it loose, as this will keep your cymbals swinging and have longer vibration. Try and find the 'sweet spot' somewhere in the middle and that should help your cymbals to resonate perfectly and last longer.

Maintaining the Aesthetics

The biggest factor that spoils the look of a cymbal is your finger prints. It is mainly the oils from your skin that stains the cymbal. Every time you hold a cymbal, it leaves a mark on it allowing dust to settle and stay there. The best way to get rid of this is to wipe your cymbals with a soft and dry cloth after every use.

Gig Bags/Flight Case

The final stage is storing your cymbals in a very well padded cymbal bag with a cloth or a soft sheet between each cymbals which should avoid any kind of friction between them. A flight case is the best friend of a cymbal on tours. It is the best way to keep your cymbals well protected from any form of weight or pressure while they are stored in a transportation unit.

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