Showcase Product: Mapex Snare Drum Armory Series, Sabre –Walnut

In focus today is the Mapex, Snare Drum, 14" x 5.5" Armory Series, Sabre –Walnut. Let us go through the product and its brilliant features to choose if this is your desired favourite.

The Armory series by Mapex is a show stopper selection. The pop and crack of this Maple/Walnut Hybrid shell penetrates with each shot. The “Sabre” will settle any disputes as to who keeps the best time in the band.

The stand out factor for this particular snare drum is its hybrid characteristics. The sabre maple/walnut hybrid shell brings out an exquisite balance of warmth and crack. The snare drum also has a SONIClear bearing edge that allows the drumheads to ace their game with stronger fundamental pitch. This, one should note, is standard on all Armory wood shell models. 

This model of the snare drum has dimensions of 14"x5.5" and 6.15mm 7ply in Maple/Walnut. The look and feel of the snare drum is complete with beautiful transparent black over figured wood and chrome finishing. It also has a Piston strainer with vertical throw off.  To top it all up, the precision tooled solid steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability.

The Mapex Snare Drum of the Armory series is a classic choice completed with elegance and amazing music capability. It is an ideal package for a good drumming performance, may it be on stage, in a studio or jam sessions at home.

Check it out HERE! 


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