Ritter Gig Bags Debut


Now carry your musical instruments safely because Ritter bags are finally here in India. This brand is well known all over the world and is a leader in its segment. Ritter bags is going to fill the gap in having good quality branded cases which is affordable at the same time with a premium look and feel. Within their series, they also have high-end top of the line padded cases within the same series. This gives a good variety for heavy duty cases in terms of safety and yet not comprising on the style.

Ritter bags are divided into two series:-

1) Ritter Performance

 RITTERPERFORMANCE™ line- We use technical materials and detailing to meet highest standards.If a dynamic appearance is what you're looking for, this collection will support you on the way to the top. It has a sporty feel to its design.

2) Ritter Session

RITTERSESSION™ line is made for those who prefer a more laid-back style when carrying their instrument. Materials with a natural look make for a casual feel and a relaxed vibe. It has a very classy feel to its design.

Fresh stocks will be available at a Furtados store near you. It will also be available online very shortly.

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