Restart your passion! Restart your music!

The crisis of COVID-19 has induced within most of us a feeling of uncertainty and extreme stress. The pattern of lifestyle that we are learning to adapt currently can make us feel out of control and anxious. It is important to acknowledge what we can control and what we cannot. This will surely help us to make anxiety work for us instead of against us in these unpredictable times. As a musician I put all my energies towards what I love doing – making, listening, learning and playing Music.

Amongst our busy schedules, many of us have procrastinated about adding passion to our lives. Well, the time is finally right! For fellow musicians like myself, I would encourage you to take this as a good opportunity to go back to the roots and solidify your understanding in music, like I have with my bass guitar. I am a professional bass guitarist and yet I feel like a rookie as I go back to my roots and restart my passion with a new layer of inspiration.

I would like to share my experience on how I have grown with my music and my instrument while most importantly, staying positive through it. I have been able to use my anxiety and fear of recent events around me to bring out the best in me and my instrument. I add small goals and deadlines for motivation. Once you realize you have a choice on how you perceive and respond to a challenge, you can channelize it to focus more on the big aspects of your goal. This could be achieving the right musical scale and bass lick or even how to perfect an entire song! I have used this concept to become more productive, to acquire the physical and mental skill needed and have moved one step closer to my goal.

As part of my process, I also make sure that I put some content out in the world through the means of social media. Currently, I am putting out some songs that I like, spread across timelines for them to act as a release and a small test of what I have learnt. This little exercise helps provide creative satisfaction as a musician.

To summarize in one line I would say,

Learn > Create> Record> Post it on social media

Repeat this cycle and you will feel the happiness of your instrument reflect in your music. Use my method and experience with your instrument and let positivity spread all around you.




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