Quick Tips: How to Save Your Stage Mishaps



As a guitar player, there are multiple things that can frustrate you when you are performing live. This is exactly why you must prepare yourself for common technical mishaps, this will help you in the long run as you already know how to fix the glitch before it occurs.  Below are some common issues that almost every guitarist goes through when they are performing:

  1. String breakage: String breakage can be somewhat prevented if you re-string your guitar a day prior to the big day. If you are constantly facing this issue, you should get your strings strung by a professional, a luthier so that you can avoid such an occurrence while you are in the middle of your set. A good save would be to make sure you always have a spare string set in your gigbag. Another alternative would be to carry a spare guitar in case you do not want to re-string your guitar during the performance.

  2. Guitar Accessories: Always carry handy tools such as Allen keys, pliers, screwdrivers, lubricants, string cutters etc with you for any other miscellaneous mishaps that you could encounter. It is better to be safe than sorry especially when you discover that you can fix your instrument and the situation during your soundcheck or before your actual performance.

  3. Weak guitar signal: This could be a problem in your chain of the signal. Double check the chain of your signal to make sure all cables are well inserted and are functional. It could also easily be a loose cable or a power jack that is not inserted properly that could cause this to happen.

  4. Amp stops working: If you are using tube amps there could be a fuse that blew up that could have resulted in your amp conking off in the middle of your set. If this happens and you do not have a spare fuse or a back-up amp, just plug in straight into the PA. This will save you the time of dealing with the problem and help you focus on your performance.

  5. Pedalboard chain failure: Check your pedalboard chain to make sure all cables and power supplies are making correct contact in your chain. Try to have a neat pedal setup to avoid chaos on stage. If your pedals are failing you and you have no idea what the issue is plug in straight into your amp or PA and continue the rest of your performance without your pedals to save that crucial time on stage. It might be a huge compromise for you but it is definitely not worth keeping an audience in limbo if it really cannot be saved in a few seconds!

  6. Power: Power supplies and batteries can randomly fail for no evident cause or reason, make sure that you always keep a spare power supply and batteries in your gigbag to deal with such issues. Carry your own extension board to ensure that there is no loose contact in case you get faulty ones at the venue.

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