Quick Tips: Guitar Maintenance


As a guitarist, you ought to know that the guitar, if taken care for, sounds better as it wears and matures with time. That is exactly why it is crucial to have a quick check on the factors that could affect the health of your guitar.

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind:

Climate Condition:

Make sure your guitar is not exposed to extreme conditions. In such conditions, remember to pack it back in its case and not leave it unpacked for too long. If the climate is too cold, it could be vulnerable to a warp on your truss rod. In the case of severe humidity, you should leave your guitar out of its case as it could cause the strings and the fret board to rust. A good way to start is to find a harmless corner away from harsh sunlight where you can keep your guitar, as this can fade and tarnish your guitar's finish.

Truss Rod:

During the change of seasons, you will experience a slight bend in your truss rod. This can be fixed with minor adjustments made at the nut to straighten the truss rod.


While you’re at it, do remember to clean your bridge, your tuning pegs, knobs, switches, and other steel hardware with a lubricant like WD-40. This will stop the rust from settling in the crevices of your guitar and essentially prevent abrasion.

The Body:

A great way to take care of the body is to carefully clean the sides, the front, and the back. You should also try to polish them regularly with guitar polish that will retain its original colour and look. Propping your guitars against walls and chairs often leave a chance for it to slip and fall and can cause scratches and damage and a good way to prevent that is to invest in a guitar stand.

Fretboard and Strings:

You should change your strings every 2-3 weeks and clean it with a soft cloth. The rust from old, worn out strings and sweat from your fingers can affect your fretboard so it really helps to wipe your strings with a tissue or a cloth each time you finish playing. You should also clean the neck with a cloth and apply lemon oil to the fretboard so to prolong its string life.

These quick steps are a great start to maintaining your guitar's life and your strings' play time! 


Image Courtesy: BHPhotoVideo

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