Quick Tips: Amplifier Maintenance


Here are some quick tips and simple procedures that you should get in the habit of when maintaing an amplifier:



Roll down the master volume on your amplifier just before turning it off. If you are using a Tube amplifier you should turn the standby switch on before you choose to power up or shut down the amp.  Most tube amplifier users would be aware that the tone juice of the tube needs at least a good 5-10 minutes before it heats up. It is also advised to wait for a good 3-5 minutes for the tubes to cool off once you have hit that standby switch just before you turn off the main power switch of the amplifier. Drastic changes in power are not good news for tube amplifier users and tube amplifiers need that extra bit of care.


Ensure that the location and plug points are well earthed before you connect your amplifier to the plug points. Any issue in the electrical earthing line could be hazardous to your amplifiers' well being. Most amplifiers come with a 3 pin connector that solves this issue but some amplifier manufacturers also design their connectors with 2pins that could turn out to be risky at some outdoor venues.


Often musicians have the habit of connecting our amplifier cable to the instrument. The other way around of connecting the instrument cable to the amplifier would be a better way to avoid the noise that is made when you connect your cables into your input/output ports.

Knob Settings:

It is advisable to keep all your knob settings (especially volume) at a minimum before turning on an amplifier. You should increase the volume gradually once connected. This will help keep the speaker safe and stop undesirable feedback that could harm your amplifier speaker in the long run.

Knob care:

Amplifier knobs tend to get rusty after a few months so it is important to tweak the knobs even if you are not using them as they could collect rust and could be difficult to use if left unused.  You must clean the knobs using a dry cloth with amp polish or a lubricant such as WD-40 as this will ensure the knobs are in good shape and will allow you to extend its use.


These tips will help you make your amplifier serve you better and serve you for a longer period!

To know more about the different kinds of amplifiers and how to maintain them, visit a Furtados showroom and ask for assistance.


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