Quarantine Music Learning

Quarantine period is a homebound period which feels like a never-ending loop. Of course it is a mandatory restriction that we need to follow for our own safety. For some of us fortunate people, this time, if rightly used, can help us develop beautiful hobbies. Music for example, is what I like to immerse myself into. My work and passion both belong to the field of music and today I will try to help you out on the same!

 Many of us have “learning to play a musical instrument” on our yearly bucket list for a long time! Unfortunately, work and other activities keep us so tied down that we tend to ignore this one very often. Well, why not start considering it now? If you have a music instrument at home that has been catching dust  from your delayed music learning plans, now is the right time to start.

 I have been a drummer myself for the longest that I remember. It makes me happy and gives me the creative ability to express myself best! A lot of it is coming to great help especially now. So, from my experience I can tell you, if you want to learn drums and you have a basic pair of drumsticks and a practise pad, you are in a terrific space to start your drumming journey. To take a step further you can also join online classes that music specialists have started over various platforms. Confused where to start? You can try out the Furtados School of Music 

 In case you don’t have an instrument at home, or you are not very confident about your dedication, you can always look up for some free content online that helps you understand and cover the basics of drumming. Once this helps you raise your enthusiasm, you can always enrol for formal learning.

 Not just drums, you can practically do this for any instrument you wish to learn!

 In the world of drumming, for beginners, there are several percussion instruments like Djembe, Cajon, Darbuka, Shakers that are easy to use and further add flavour to your musical nights, karaoke sessions or any social gathering. That’s the fun part about beats, everybody likes to go along with it!

 I personally suggest, once you are confident about your passion and are ready to make a commitment towards music, you should take help from a good teacher who is capable of training you and enhancing your skills.

 I hope this missive has, in a small way, fired up your music learning dreams and made it ready for you to take to fruition.


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