PRS Launches SE 2017 Range

PRS made some interesting changes for the year 2017. After all these years, they finally introduced Paul’s signature for the first time on some of their SE 2017 range of models. The new line of SE Custom 24s now has a redesigned version of the flagship Custom 24 core line series pickup which is based on the 85/15. These are called the 85/15 S and are available now in some of the 2017 batch of instruments.

One of the newer models introduced is a baritone scale model SE 277, which gets its name from its massively long scale length of 27.7”. This can support really low tunings and ships from the factory on Standard B Tuning. The SE 277 is available in two versions, one that is a solid body with humbuckers and the other a semi-hollow F hole body with soapbar pickups.

The most awaited SE signature model is finally here! PRS introduced Mark Holcomb to the SE signature models this year and this guitar seems to have some promising specs, and an awesome finish and feel overall. This guitar is built with with a solid Ebony fretboard and fitted with signature Seymour Duncan Alpha & Omega pickups.

Finally, the SE Custom 22 now gets a Tremolo Arm and the SE Santana now has 24 frets instead of the traditional 22.

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