Protecting Your Guitar from Humidity

Understanding Relative Humidity:

The amount of vapour that the air can hold depends on the temperature. At warmer temperature, the air can hold more moisture
as compared to the air in colder temperature. The measurement of the amount of moisture that the air can hold at a certain
temperature when expressed in percentage is called, Relative Humidity. 

Now, depending on where you live, the relative humidity will vary. Places closer to the sea will normally have higher relative humidity
compared to a place which is arid or dry. Guitars are best stored at 45% – 55% Rh. Anything over and under this range will either
dry your guitar out or make it wet. Over a period of time, this can take a toll on the longetivity of the instrument and hence, it is very
important for you to maintain the Rh.

Protecting from High Humidity:

Firstly, you must buy a hygrometer which is a device that measures the relative humidity in the air. You can buy it at any online sellers
and is very cheap. Take a few readings and if the Rh is above 55%, first thing you would want to do is buy dessicants to arrest the humidity.

A dessicant absorbs moisture from the air and dries the air out. You may keep one inside the case always and it's recommended that
you always keep the guitar back inside the case, if you are not playing it. I would suggest you get dessicant bags of 100 gms for it to be effective. Avoid storing the guitar in moist places and that should be good to begin with.

Protecting from Low Humidity:

If you live in a dry and arid place, it is very important that you always try keeping the guitar in the case when not in use. By just
keeping the guitar in the case, you will create a barrier and prevent the air from affecting the wood. The guitar case is the first line of defence and also the least cumbersome. If your hygrometer readings are really low inside the case then you may have to use humidifiers to maintain the RIGHT levels of Rh. Remember, you need to achieve 45% –  55% Rh which is the optimum range. 
Once you achieve the optimum range, you can take the humidifier out. Make sure you don't over  use the humidifier, as this too could
potentially damage the guitar.

Protecting your guitar from humidity will exponentially enhance the life of your instrument so that you can enjoy it for a a much longer
time. The above methods will also help in preventing neck warps too. I hope these easy steps will help you prolong the life of your

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