Pearl Midtown being a small kit powered by great sound, fits in for big or small gigs and gives you the sound needed to completely rock your performance. The best part about the midtown is that it is suitable for a wide range of venues may it be open or close setups. A power packed small kit for all your performances indeed. Midtown is also an ideal solution for living space showcases, live streaming, and street performance.

With ease of placement without having to worry about space problems and good music assured for the evening, let us look into the standard features the Pearl Midtown showcases. 

Midtown comes in a 4 Piece Shell Pack that includes:

16"x14" Bass Drum w/ included Riser/Lift

13"x5.5" Matching Wood Snare Drum

10"x7" Rack Tom (Includes a Tom Holder)

13"x12" Floor Tom

*Additional hardware sold separately*

A popular highlight of the Pearl Midtown is that it has a 6Ply(7.5mm) Poplar Shell and features Opti-Loc Tom Suspension System. 

The Midtown Series Drums are available in two different durable covered metallic finishes:

Black Cherry Glitter

Black Gold Sparkle

Overall even though Pearl Midtown looks like a small kit, it is  packed to sound like a huge one for all big gigs. To make your purchase, head onto FurtadosOnline today!


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