No drum setup is complete without its cymbals. And when you think of cymbals, you ought to think of the best in the business – Meinl Cymbals. In showcase today is the HCS-SCS Meinl Cymbal pack. 

What is so special about this product? Well, as part of the mega introductory offer to launch the fantastic range of cymbals, Meinl has introduced a 7 cymbals pack aka HCS-SCS. For those of us unknown, cymbal packs usually consist of 3 or 4 cymbals. So this is a BIG DEAL! 

The Meinl HCS Super Set includes a 14" hi hat pair, 20" ride, 16" crash, 18" crash, 16" china, and a 10" splash. This full range of standard cymbal types and sizes contains the basics to a drum set up.

The hi hats have a crisp "chick" with a nice slosh when played open while the ride cymbal delivers a well-defined "ping" and a cutting bell without distracting overtones. HCS crashes respond with a warm attack followed by a medium sustain. The china is ideal for adding cutting accents with a sharp, sinister sound. 

The HCS line of cymbals by Meinl is truly unmatched to its sound quality. When a drummer is at the peak of his/her performance, the cymbals stand strong to the test of speed and time. 

The entire set of this particular product consists of all the basic cymbals needed to complete a professional drum kit. This comes very handy to learners who tend to get confused about their choices. One of the best parts of this package is that it has been made keeping in mind the indian drum market and will hold you in very good stead for many a year. 

Not to forget, this affordable kit of cymbals is made of brass alloy material and flaunts the logo of Meinl on every cymbal. All in all, this pack of 7 cymbals by Meinl – HCS SCS is indeed a Super Cymbal Set. 

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