Planet Waves American Stage Cables


What’s taken for granted the most, when it comes to a musician playing an electric guitar is the cables they use. Many, not knowing the importance of the signal being passed through their chain, opt for affordable, in fact cheap cables that will fend for them until it dies a young death. The truth is that generic cables don’t even provide a pure electric signal into the chain. This is because, the tip of a generic cable does have enough surface area to fully embed itself onto the input jack of the guitar. For this very reason, D’Addario came up with the Planet Waves American Stage Cables, patented with Geo Tip Technology, that perfectly fits into the input jack, hence giving a full rounded signal.

HelioFused soldering, provides bulletproof construction that can withstand the rigors of the stage, gig after gig. D'Addario's patented Geo-Tip as mentioned before, gives you the most secure connection possible. Ordinary cables tips don't allow for varying jack tolerances. But the D'Addario-designed patented Geo-Tip works with any jack to give you the most secure, trustworthy connection possible. Optimized capacitance, for purer signal and uncolored tone, we use a 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor, USA-made audiophile quality wire tuned for optimized capacitance (28pF/ft), then shield it with 95% tinned copper braiding to eliminate handling noise and reject interference. Manufactured with only the finest materials and unmatched engineering methods, American Stage delivers a professional grade cable. The result is pure, natural tone that you can count on.

If you want to make the best out of your tone, then you do not have to look any further. American Stage Cables are available at your nearest Furtados store or just visit


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