Pearl MasterWorks

As a drummer, the idea of a custom made drumkit to fit one’s musical needs and styling preferences is a dream come true. The MasterWorks drumkit presented by Pearl, aims to deliver this fantasy to every customer. It is as claimed, the most premier series introduced by Pearl.

To begin with, the drum-set includes 5 distinct drum formulas. Each studio tuned and tested to ace their performance capability. The drummer here, is given a wide range of Studio, Heritage, Urban, Stadium and Modern-dry type of Sonic select shells. The Shell material choices come along as Maple, Birch, African Mahogany or Gumwood. If you are still not satisfied, Pearl goes one step further and lets you create your own composite shells.

Shell interiors of the drumkit can be customised with interior shell options of Artisan Veneers, Fiberglass, and Carbonply. This can be perfectly coupled with the exterior shell options, picked by choice of the percussionist from a variety of 7 existing artisan exotic veneers: Cameroon Tamo, Black Limba, Flame Maple African, Zebrawood, Bubinga, Eucalyptus, and Carbonply. Pearl here, gracefully extends its services with providing an industry effective print method to, display your choice of graphics on the outer shell ply.

The shell thickness to can be chosen from the following types: thin (4-ply), medium (6-ply) and THICK (8-ply and 10-ply). Bearing edges can be picked from outer 45°, outer 60°, inner 45°, rounded 45°, fully rounded types of studio tested refinements. The set includes ARL55/65 arch tube lugs with swivel function and STL200 lug options. These are an option provided for Bass Drums and Gong Drums. The drum set includes an extra-long 27” legs on floor Tom Shell Depths of 11” or less. The wide range of technical choices will have you fascinated!

The MasterWorks drumkit lets you have Golden Ratio Pentagonal die cast air vents or Standard Position round die Cast air vents. Choose as you may please. Not to forget the CHB830 Bass Drum mount cymbal holder (add it to your cart or leave it off – again, THE CHOICE IS YOURS).

The entire drumkit is available in Matte or Carbon finish, with a special choice of Black Nickel hardware option for Masterworks, Masterworks CarbonPly Maple, and Artisan.

The unique selling point of the Pearl MasterWorks drumkit is its ease of customisation. As proven above, every section of this drumkit can be altered and designed to suit the demands of its drummer. End result? A percussionist’s dream turned reality.

Pearl MasterWorks drumkit is available on order requests at Furtados. For further details please write to [email protected]

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