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Be it a professional performance, music recording, jam session with your buddies or regular practise at home…Pearl has ALL the hardware you need in the world of drums. At any stage of your drumming journey, make sure you are always serious about the right kind of hardware. Drum Hardware is the main pillar for your drums and what better than Pearl to pick it up from.

Here is a list of Pearl Hardware that you need to check out while building the best support system for your drums. 

Boom Stands, Tom & Cymbal Stands, Snare Stands, Hi-Hat Stands,  Drum Pedals, Drum Racks & Accessories, Drum Thrones, Cymbal Holders, Tom Holders, Adapter (Clamps), Hardware Packs.

Images (Left to Right): Boom Stand, Snare Stand, Hi Hat Stand, Drum Rack, Drum Rack Straight. 



A total hardware solution with everything you need to complete your kit. Pearl hardware pack is one stop for all your basic hardware needs. The basic hardware kit of Pearl includes: Boom stand,  Straight Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat Stand and Bass Drum Pedal.

Some really good Pearl hardware pack series are: HWP-930, HWP-830,  HWP-150s

Image: Hardware Pack


Pearl has different Tom Holders for your different needs, from long to short sizes and different looks and various series over the series. As a collection here are some of the Tom Holder series to consider.

 TH70s, TH70l, TH88s, TH88l, TH900s, TH900l, TH1030s, TH1030l, TH1030

Image: Tom Holders


Expand the function of your hardware, enlarge your playing field, and explore the possibilities. Pearl has a variety of adapters (clamps) to expand your playing, from two way clamps to three way clamps, to mount your cymbal holders, tom holders and mounting on the racks. Some Adapters you can invest in are: 

ADP30, ADP20, AX-25, AX-25L, AX-28


Drum Thrones are essential for extended and efficient performance and Pearl thrones keep you playing your best, night after night. Pearl offers a wide range of drum thrones for all your comfort, Round Seat Thrones, Saddle Seat Thrones, Thrones with Backrest.

Image: Drum Throne 

D3500BR, D1500SP, D930, D932 are some examples of drum thrones by Pearl to select the next time you need a seat. 


Pearl offers a wide range of Kick Drum Pedals and accessories, from Direct Drive Pedals to Chain Drive Pedals. Pearl even has a big range of Beaters, like Felt and wood beaters, Duo Beater and Quad Beater.

Some classic choices are Demon Drive 3000 Series, Eliminator 2050 Series, Eliminator Solo, Eliminator Solo,  P-930 Series, P-920 Series, P-830 Series, P-530 Series.

Image (Left to Right): Demon Drive Double Pedal, Demon Drive Pedal, Eliminator Pedal, Clamps 3 side, Clamps. 


With so much knowledge on drumming hardware and a vast selection of Pearl hardware suggestions, it only makes sense to purchase the right hardware today! Get it today on FurtadosOnline.


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