Pearl Eliminator Redline

Pearl’s original PowerShifter Eliminator was a giant leap ahead in bass drum pedals.

The Eliminator: Redline is the next step forward. The Redline pedals are fused with the best components till date. It is the most user friendly pedal that can be customized according to an individual choice. The pedals come with four interchangeable cam: Blue, Red, Black and White. All of them now in a translucent finish which is due too the material used. This material makes the cam lighter. It's like having four pedals in one.

The Redline pedals come with the Ninja Bearing which is on the Demon Drive series. Redline fuses the stunning power and flexibility of the original Eliminator with the fluid speed of our Demon Series pedals.

With a host of radical improvements, Eliminator: Redline helps unlock perfect feel by locking in a cam, further pushing the boundaries of bass drum performance.

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