Pearl Decade Maple

The all new Pearl Decade Maple is here. It has a low-mass/low-contact shell hardware that assures optimum shell performance and rock-solid durability. The shells are 6 ply, each ply being 5.4mm in thickness. It's an all maple shell drum kit. A perfect mid range drum kit for semi-pro drummers and it also works perfectly in a live as well as a studio set-up.

The Pearl Decade Maple was introduced to the Pearl family in the 2016 NAMM Show. This has also replaced the previous Vision Series kits. Available in eight custom colors, Pearl’s cultured lacquer finishing process is applied to each shell’s exterior to add spectacular vibrancy.

This kit features the mini-lugs which will put less weight on the shells and will let the shell resonate better, enhancing the overall tone and the quality of the sound. It also features the floor tom suspension feet which helps keeping the low frequencies to the shell itself and transferring them smoothly to the ground without abrupt tonal fade out.

And yes, the shells have a lifetime warranty.

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