Open Hi-Hat

Drum fills are often used (literally) to “fill” in spaces between two or more different grooves. You may be at the end of a verse, and want to signify to the audience that things are about to charge up and hit the chorus. How about considering open Hi-Hats and Chokes as drum fills? It is a very cool sounding way to break up the music, without having to use the regular busy rolls and heavy crashes.

But to play things like these, you need to have the correct technique as well as the right gear to pull it off cleanly. You cannot be using a shaking hi-hat pedal or a clutch that cannot maintain the required distance (gap) between the Hi-Hat cymbals. To begin with such fills, one should certainly have the Pearl drop clutch handy, which makes the process of playing regular grooves with closed Hi-Hats and adding them in between open flams.

For drummers using a double bass pedal and playing different styles of music, they should certainly try the Mapex Falcon HF1000 or Pearl H2000 Hi-Hat (2-leg) stand. The legs of the Mapex Falcon Hi-Hat stand can be removed for a much easier playing experience.


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