On My Wishlist with Vignesh Venkatraman

About Vignesh: 

Vigneshkumar is a versatile guitar player who started off as a metalhead and further ventured into becoming a multi genre artise! He plays the PRS SVN 2019 electric guitar and the ESP LTD H-1007 electric guitar, both being 7-string instruments and also performs on a Faith Apollo Venus Acoustic guitar. Currently, he is a part of 6 bands – 4 metal bands (Demonic Resurrection, Albatross, Gutslit and Systemhouse 33) and 2 pop/rock bands (Arunaja and Arjun & The Teenage Men) and is also a brand manager at Furtados Music, for brands like Gibson, Epiphone, Faith Guitars, VOX amps and D'Addario. His music has him travelling all over the world to perform with Indian and Internationally known bands.For Vignesh, this is only the beginning of many more experiences to unravel in the future.

On my Wishlit: 

Gibson has always been up to speed when it comes to the ideating of guitars that satiate the needs of every musician. Latest line of Electric guitars incorporate these legendary Gibson features into the Epiphone models as well creating a new "Epiphone, Inspired by Gibson" line.

What particularly caught my eye was the Epiphone Les Paul Modern, as it has the vintage appeal of a Les Paul but transcends the boundaries of modern technology, producing a guitar that ecompasses the widest range of possibilities for any and every guitarist.   

The Epiphone Les Paul Modern, Sparkling Burgundy (which is the likes of the Gibson Les Paul Modern that costs 4 times more than the Epiphone version) is on my wishlist for various reasons. I have always been an avid fan of the Les Paul shape, because of its aesthetics and the ability to hold better sustain and sound bigger than a double cut guitar. What makes the Les Paul Modern unique is the fact that it is light weight, has a slim-taper, asymmetric neck and Pro-Bucker Humbucker pick-ups that are very versatile. In addition, this guitar has coil splitting capabilities as well as reverse phasing technology that can satisfy all my needs as a guitarist, giving me an umpteen number of permutations and combinations best suited for my needs – whether I am playing funk, blues or heavy metal.This guitar is something that I look forward to having in my collection.

Product Name: Epiphone, Electric Guitar, Les Paul Modern

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