On my Wishlist with Mohit Gopalani

About Mohit: 

Mohit Gopalani is a senior brand manager at Furtados Music. He manages premium brands of drums and percussion. Mohit is also a session artist and has been playing the drums and other percussion instruments for bands and artists for over a decade! As part of an integral music community, Mohit shares his passion and knowledge in music via his very own drum school – MUSICAL VIBES!
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On My Wishlist: 

As a performing musician and music educator, I have always had a special place of importance for a good double bass drum pedal. For me, the ideal product that completes this wish is the P800TW Double Bass Pedal by Mapex! Just like a comfortable pair of sticks is an extension of your hands, a good bass drum pedal does the same thing for the legs. A good pedal would be very subjective from person to person. But the idea would remain the same. The pedal that is able to adapt to your style of playing in the most comfortable way.

Product Name: Mapex Double Bass Drum Pedal 

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