Not Happy with That Guitar Tone?

Initially, guitar players tend to opt for guitar processors because they have so many options at one place and tend to lose focus on what they actually want to sound like! It ends up becoming a compromise on quality for quantity! Guitar processors are usually good for convenience and some high end options could even bring you close to a fairly decently emulated tone. All it takes is some patience and expertise to maximize the potential of the unit.

It is of common fact that guitar pedals produce better output and better dynamics than guitar processors and hence tone conscious guitar players would generally opt to use pedals instead. Having a multiple line of distortion amp tones and multiple range of effects to choose from often leads to the misconception of sounding good! Understanding what you actually use in your chain is the first step. Most guitar players usually look for three very basic elements, namely: Drive, Effects and Expression.

The most primal pedal guitarists would start with would be an Overdrive or a Distortion pedal. Trying out different tones from multiple Drive pedals are important to understand where your sweet spot lies in terms of creating that desirable unique sound! You should support this with a Noise Gate to eliminate the noise level from all that gain you are driving!

The pedal that brings you those “feel good vibes” is your effect pedal. Reverb, Delay and Chorus pedals are just some of the more common options that could get your mojo running! These pedals will bring a lush wet signal to support your tone and build your soundscape. It mostly adds colour and modulation that is very desirable!

Many guitarists would simply love to use expression in their playing. A Wah pedal or even a simple volume or effect expression pedal would make a lot of sense for those who are looking to take control and define the kind of attack they desire to express.

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