Need A Reason To Check Out The PRS SE Custom 24-08? We Will Give You FIVE!



In a day and age where we are spoiled for choice, sometimes more than what we really need, it's easy to get lost in the myriad of mediocrity on offer, and completely miss the boat when it comes to those lesser-known, undiscovered hidden gems. One such exquisite beauty, that is a treasure-trove of distinctive features that are as stunning as they are unique, is without a doubt the PRS SE 24-08. Over the years PRS has begun to incorporate several banging features from their Prestigious Custom and Elite Private Stock Collection models to the other models such as Core, S2, and now the SE.

So…What Does The “24-08” In The Name Mean? 

The name of this guitar comes from the Custom 24 flagship, where 24 refers to the fingerboard which has 24 frets and, the 08 comes from the 408 switching available only in high-end PRS models. 

With PRS continuously stepping up the SE Series with features from The PRS Custom, making some really tasty features more accessible to the masses, let's get right to 5 Reasons Why The PRS SE Custom 24-08 Is THE Guitar For The Modern Era

1.The Switching System and Pickups

The 408 Switching system first featured in the limited run PRS private stock guitars, this was further consigned to the Core Series, the S2 Series and now finally it's been introduced to the SE Series

 What is groundbreaking about the 408 system is that when you flick the switch to split the pick up into a single-coil configuration, the screw coil is disconnected and the 1500 turns are added to the slug coil, meaning in essence the pick up now behaves like an actual single-coil pick up with zero loss of volume. This gives you a sweet twangy single-coil sound of something between a P90 and a Lipstick Pickup.

The benefit of having 2 mini toggle switches over a push-pull tone pot is that you get the option of many different sounds with many different configurations that are not possible with a simple push-pull tone pot. 

One master volume and one master tone with a 3-way toggle switch to select pick-ups and an additional 2 mini toggle switches that split the coil in the pickup giving you 8 different sonic configurations. Here are all 8 possible combinations of pickups

Only Bridge Humbucker

Only Bridge Single Coil

Only Neck Humbucker

Only Neck Single Coil

Both Bridge And Neck Humbucker

Bridge Single – Neck Humbucker

Bridge Hum – Neck Single

Both Coil Tapped

Also, the TCI-S Pickups, have undergone years of research and development to finally get the sound to where it should be, creating a glassy, articulate high end with a round, robust low end. The pickups in and of themselves can get even a thin-sounding amp to sound colossal.

2. The Body

Picture Credits  @prsguitarseurope

This beautiful body design borrows its contours and sloping lines from the Classic PRS core violin carve which you can also see on The Paul’s SE Series guitars. The violin carve makes it super comfortable to rest your arm while playing on account of the gradual slopes and contours on the body.This along with the fact the guitar is also relatively light make long studio hours or performing extended live sets definately a whole lot easier.

The body itself is made up of mahogany back and sides, and is available in two finishes; Eriza Verde and Vintage Sunburst. Both finishes feature a beautiful maple cap with a highly figured popping maple veneer top making them breathtakingly gorgeous to look at.

3.Neck & Fingerboard 

The neck is a 3 piece maple neck with the classic wide thin neck carve, the centerpiece of the neck is quarter sawn and is flanked by the other two pieces that are flat sawn. 

Rosewood fingerboard features the traditional old-school bird inlays. Polished nickel frets with a great smooth feel and finish. The smoothness of the fingerboard cannot be understated, although it is seemingly an insignificant feature, it plays a huge part in the overall playability of the guitar, and is just another feature adopted from PRS's Elite Custom Series.


It features the PRS designed tuners. Graphite Top Nut. Patented PRS Moulded Trem which along with the Pickups output in the single coil config, produce a characteristic "twang" check out the demo video to know more.

5) Sonically Superior, Amazingly Affordable

Overall, the PRS SE Custom 24-08 is the kind of guitar that can work with you to develop the exact sound you are looking for, offering you the freedom and versatility to explore uncharted territories. Beyond a doubt, with all that the PRS SE Custom 24-08 has to offer, it is a guitar that is here to stay, the real Shape Shifter of the modern era.

Check out the PRS SE Custom 24-08 in all its glory now at FurtadosOnline.


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