Motivation for Drumming

We all need a little push and motivation to do many things in life. Working on your drumming skills is no different!

You need to find ways and means to be excited to play drums. Sometimes we are done with playing the same things over and over, trying to work the same patterns or fills that we are not so comfortable with.

So what do we do? How do we still keep the interest alive and play drums?

Go out and meet fellow musicians and drummers. When we are around people who are like minded, we tend to feel good.

  • Try and change your existing setup by taking out the toms and just working with Bass Drum, Hi-Hat and Snare drum. You may also add something to your existing setup like a cowbell, block, splash or even a new pair of drumstick for that matter to play your kit.

  • Watch videos of drummers from different genres. Try and find out the upcoming drummers and new things they are trying to showcase.

  • Attend gigs where you can, watch musicians and make yourself feel better. Also, you can opt to attend a music workshop to enhance your knowledge and work on things explained in the workshop.

  • Set targets for yourself which are achievable. Try and work that and analyse it every couple of days to understand where you stand.

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