Mapex Drums are known for constantly evolving and redeveloping their product range. Right from drum kit to hardware, a lot is continuously upgraded based on research and inputs from their artists.

The recent addition in the Mapex line-up is Mapex Mars – 100% Birch and Mapex Armory – Birch/Maple Hybrid wood. These come in shell packs while the hardware pack needs to be purchased separately.

Mapex Mars comes with some solid finish options, the latest one being the Driftwood. The hardware line up (600 Series) is also known to be simple yet sturdy that will execute requirements of performing drummers who do not want something really heavy or high end.  Mapex Mars works as a perfect upgrade from a learning drummer who wants to make it big.

Mapex Armory on the other hand brings out the best of both Birch and Maple woods – 6ply Birch/Maple/Birch shells. As far as the finish options are concerned, Armory has recently introduced 2 new finishes:

  1. Redwood Burst: A warm and comforting scarlet color
  2. Emerald Burst: A classy and exquisite deep green tone

The Armory shell pack comes along with the tom holder for the rack toms as the bass drum does not have the tom mounting provision. This gives a complete holistic sound out from the bass drum.

If we talk about the hardware offered in the Armory (800 Series), it features heavy duty double braced stands along with the memory lock keeping in mind the requirements of professional drummers.

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